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Elder in Residence

Elder in Residence - Spring 2023

We are pleased to announce that our next Elder is Residence will be Ms. Bertie Branham, a citizen of the Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia. Ms. Branham will be visiting Virginia Tech March 27 - 29!

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Ms. Bertie Branham
Branham schedule

Elder in Residence Program

The elder in-residence program brings regionally or locally known elders to campus to serve in a mentoring role for Indigenous students here at Virginia Tech. Elders provide students with academic, social, and spiritual support.

While here, elders dedicate a full work week to engaging with students through various programs including:

  • Holding office hours for Indigenous students
  • Working with students to grow awareness of issues important to Indigenous Peoples in local, national, and global contexts
  • Working on a specialized project with students within the American Indian and Indigenous Cultural Center (AIICC)
  • Direct engagement in classrooms
  • Serving as guest speakers
  • Giving public talks

We are excited to announce that our first elder in residence, Mark Parman, will be joining us on campus from October 17 through the 21. Please scroll down for more information and a schedule of events below.*

If you would like to learn more, please contact project co-PI, Donna Westfall-Rudd.

Check out these photos from our visit with,

Elder in Residence, Mark Parman!

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