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Raise awareness of the APIDA communities' contributions to Virginia Tech, its surrounding areas, as well as nationally and globally.


The APIDA + Center’s mission is to advocate for the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) communities, including Virginia Tech faculty, staff, students, and alumni. We also aim to educate the campus community on issues centered around or related to our communities. All members of the campus and local community are welcome in the APIDA + Center and can participate in the APIDA + Center’s events, programs, and activities.


  • Create and implement programming that supports the well-being, both mentally and physically, of the APIDA communities.
  • Educate the campus community around topics of APIDA history, culture, media, literature, popular culture among other subjects of interest.
  • Advise individual students as well as student organizations through the use of Student Development Theories.
  • Promote the integration of Asian and Asian American Studies curriculum throughout all colleges, departments, and/or programs.
  • Educate academic advisors on culturally sensitive practices around APIDA identities.
  • Building a more robust community with support structures to aid in student, faculty, and staff wellbeing.
  • Creating structures that promote the retention of APIDA students, faculty, and staff.


The APIDA + Center is part of the is a division of the Cultural and Community Centers (CCC) under the Virginia Tech Office for Inclusion and Diversity.  Through the efforts and advocacy of the Asian American Student Union (AASU) and in conjunction with the APIDA faculty, the APIDA + Center has a physical location in Squires Student Union. While the development of the center is ongoing, it can currently accommodate a maximum of 35 people for coalition building, meetings, programs, and gatherings, while also serving as a study space. In addition, the APIDA + Center features an HDTV for presentations and entertainment, a community microwave and hot water kettle for tea, and a lending library containing resources such as printed books and journals as well as media specific to APIDA history, literature, culture, and representation.

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APIDA+ Center Logo

The mission of the Asian American Student Union is to serve the Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi American (APIDA) communities within Virginia Tech. It shall act as an umbrella organization over the branching undergraduate APIDAorganizations. It shall strive to enhance and further the individual, cultural, and ethnic diversities that exist in the APIDA communities. It shall make efforts to address the problems, issues, and concerns of the APIDA communities to the administration and other fellow student organizations.

The purpose of this Asian American interest sorority is to promote sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, and Asian American awareness on campus and in the community. The sorority is composed of highlymotivated women with diverse backgrounds, interests, and fields of study. Each woman, however, shares a strong bond of love, friendship, and sisterhood. With a supportive network of sisters, each woman can strive to fulfill her personal, academic, and career goals. Our mission is to encourage sisterhood among women, promote scholarship, leadership and Asian awareness in the University, and aide the community through service projects, volunteer work, and charity fundraising. Further, to provide a support group for those in their times of need and to encourage the development of successful women. To accomplish our mission, we will:

  • Maintain the highest levels of quality and integrity
  • Create an environment that encourages teamwork, creativity, and innovation
  • Give our absolute support and encouragement to those we hold dear to our hearts - our sisters

We will measure our success in how well we are regarded by our peers, represented by our community, and supported by our sisters.

The Chinese American Society (CAS) at Virginia Tech is a student organization that aims to introduce and promote Chinese culture to the general student body and local community. Additionally, CAS strives to emphasize diversity and raise awareness of what it means to be an Asian-American living in modern times.

The Filipino American Student Association was founded in 1988 and has a main priority to provide the Virginia Tech community with a family, regardless of background, beliefs, sexuality, or identity with the intention of learning about Filipino culture/values and experiencing it first-hand.

The purpose of Japanese Cultural Association will be to promote the awareness and interest of the Japanese culture, its people, and its community, as well as enhancing and furthering pluralism and diversity. Our goal is also to make the Virginia Tech community a place where every member is respected, understood, and has every opportunity to grow, to make Virginia Tech a place where broad inclusiveness is the rule – not the exception. It will also promote Japanese/Asian Unity in addition to addressing the problems and concerns of the Japanese/Asian Community to the Administration and other student organizations here at Virginia Tech.

KASA is a great place to meet students and friends who share interests in the Korean culture. You do not have to be Korean to join nor do you require any knowledge of the culture itself. This club serves as a purpose to provide awareness of the rich culture, history, and food that Korea has to offer.

Snapchat: @vtkasa

The purpose of Lambda Phi Epsilon is to promote brotherhood, develop leaders among men, aid each other to achieve his fullest potential.

Shidae at Virginia Tech is a creative dance crew that focuses on presenting Korean-Pop dance music in new, invigorating methods both on and offstage. Our mission is to promote the awareness of Korean culture and the global phenomenon of the Hallyu wave through the use of musicality and performance. Our vision is to engage Asian-American and non-Asian-American students alike in dance performances, while also exposing Korean culture in an exciting manner for those unfamiliar.

Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. is a multicultural, Asian-Interest Greek Organization. We are a cultural, social, educational and community service oriented sorority, the first Greek-lettered sorority of its kind to be established on the East Coast. It stands today as one of the largest and most distinguished Asian Interest sororities in the nation.

The fundamental goal of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority is to promote awareness of the cultures of each of our individual sisters. Our sorority addresses this issue through leadership, outreach, individual, community interaction, and most importantly the bonds of sisterhood. ΣΨΖ also promotes development among its members, the students and the faculty at each of the campuses we represent.

SASE is dedicated to the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers in education and employment so that they can achieve their full career potential.

In addition to professional development, SASE also encourages members to contribute to the enhancement of the communities in which they live.

SASE’s mission is to:

  • Prepare Asian heritage scientists and engineers for success in the global business world.
  • Celebrate diversity on campuses and in the workplace.
  • Provide opportunities for members to make contributions to their local communities.
  • SASE membership is open to men and women of all ethnic backgrounds.

We are the Vietnamese Student Association at Virginia Tech (VTVSA). VTVSA is a student organization looking to promote Vietnamese American culture and to serve as a network for current students and alumni to spark relationships.

Our organization is a part of a larger community known as MAUVSA, or the Mid-Atlantic Union of Vietnamese Student Associations. MAUVSA represents 10 VSAs and has a large alumni network, which opens up many opportunities for all

Graduate Asian Pacific Islander Desi Association (GAPIDA) General Flyer
Graduate Asian Pacific Islander Desi Association (GAPIDA) General Flyer

The APIDA Caucus serves as an advocacy and support group for faculty, staff, and graduate students at Virginia Tech and Blacksburg/NRV community members who self-identify as APIDA, or allies who are interested in participating in conversations relevant to the APIDA community. We also serve the APIDA community at other Virginia Tech campuses (Washington, D.C. area, etc). The Caucus acts as a liaison to the university administration and is committed to supporting the needs of all APIDA individuals. Our events are open to faculty, staff, graduate & undergraduate students, and community members.

To be added to our new email listserv ( and to get more information, please contact Dr. Vincent Wang at or Dr. Theo Lim at Want to get involved? Find us on Twitter @VTAPIDACaucus!

The Asian Pacific Islander Desi Alumni Society (APIDAS) of Virginia Tech is an organization dedicated to fostering community for allAsian/Asian American and Pacific Islander alumni. In addition to building a community of alums, we strive to foster mentorships with current undergrad and grad students, provide networking opportunities, and give back to our alma mater from wherever we are. If you are interested in learning more about us or would like to join, please email

Asian Pacific Islander Desi Alumni Society (APIDAS)
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Asian Cultural Engagement Center (ACEC)

For questions, contact Dr. Ha at or find us at our social media accounts

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Dr. Nina Ha - Director

Teresa Wilson, M.A.Ed - Assistant Director

140 Squires Student Center

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