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About Cultural and Community Centers

Students carrying flags from various countries

Our programs, policies, and personnel are aligned to uplift and examine the Aspirations for Student Learning.  Our mission is to create the conditions for underrepresented student success and to develop the cultural competence of every Virginia Tech student.  We achieve this mission in three ways: Advocacy, Advising, and Awareness.

Cultural and Community Centers will be national model for providing the highest quality of programs and services to cultivate cultural learning and appreciation of social identities, as well as nurture an atmosphere of inclusion.

Cultural and Community Centers at Virginia Tech will support underrepresented and underserved students through education, advocacy, advising and leadership development. We strive to promote a welcoming campus in which students feel a sense of belonging and can find support in expressing pride in their social identities. We aspire to foster a more accessible and culturally affirming campus environment through community building, collaborative programming and social justice education.

  • To support our underrepresented and underserved students’ well-being, academic and professional development as well as their sense of belonging at Virginia Tech.
  • To offer opportunities through which anyone can learn about productive ways to engage in diversity and inclusion.
  • Contribute to the academic experience through creating thought-provoking and transformative learning experiences.
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for students to explore their identity in relation to social inequity and social justice issues.
  • Engage the larger campus and local communities in pertinent national regional, and local contemporary social issues and offer a platform to advocate around those issues.
  • Create meaningful connections amongst current Virginia Tech students, campus partners, faculty and staff, alumni, and community partners through intentional programs, advocacy, and engagement.