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Native at Virginia Tech

Native at Virginia Tech is a registered student organization hosted on Virginia Tech’s campus. The organization is dedicated to advancing the visibility of American Indians and other Indigenous peoples on campus, as well as raising an awareness of issues that confront these diverse populations. Everyone including students, faculty, and community members are encouraged and welcome to join the organization!

To keep in touch with organization’s events and information, please search “Native at Virginia Tech” on GobblerConnect. You can also find the organization on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Hokie Chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (Hokie AISES)

The Hokie Chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (Hokie AISES) is focused on substantially increasing the representation of Indigenous peoples of North America and the Pacific Islands in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) studies and careers. Hokie AISES serves as a forum for undergraduate and graduate students to build a Indigenous community by bridging STEM principles with traditional values and knowledge. Hokie AISES is a student organization focused on personal and professional development. Hokie AISES is open to anyone, from any major! Members can participate through bi-weekly general body meetings and events, and through conference attendance including the AISES National Conference, AISES Leadership Summit and AISES Region 7 Conference.

To learn more or to join this organization, reach out to one of the co-advisors below.

Mikaela David-John (      Dr. Brendan David-John (

American Indian and Indigenous Alliance

The American Indian and Indigenous Alliance serves as our Indigenous faculty staff caucus. Being an alliance, we also welcome the participation of graduate students. 

The Alliance is committed to advancing initiatives which holistically support the growth, development, and retention of our Indigenous faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, many Alliance members participate in tribal outreach initiatives with the eleven recognized tribes within the Commonwealth.

To connect with the Alliance or to join this group, please contact co-chairs
Dr. Donna Westfall-Rudd ( or Dr. Barbara Lockee (