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VirTual Safe Zone Alumni

Safe Zone placards (or proof of completion) have historically been utilized as a “one and done” display of allyship i.e. “I am now a safe zone.” While it would be ideal that such a training could accomplish this, we cannot and do not make such a claim. VirTual Safe Zone facilitators can only vouch that an individual has completed the readings, done the work, and earned credit for their efforts. It is our hope that all participants will learn, grow, and implement what they have learned into their day-to-day efforts. Safe Zone trainings are a starting point. There are always more voices to hear and more viewpoints to consider.

It is our aim to make “former Safe Zone participant” and “continuously informed and active ally” synonymous identities. The following individuals have completed 15+ weeks of VirTual Safe Zone trainings and are a vital party of making Virginia Tech a more welcoming and affirming space.

Name Title
Leigh Anne Byrd Academic Advisor - Computer Science
Paul Heilker Associate Dean for Academic Affairs - Honors College
Jacob Paul Interim Leadership Gift Officer - University Development
Adrienne Phillips Reservation Coordinator - War Memorial Chapel - SECL Administration
Jennifer Pike APD/HR Office Coordinator - DSA Assessment Operating
Erin Sharp Prospect Research Analyst - University Development
Mary Sullivan User Services Specialist - Library
Jo Wolf Instructional PT Temp Adjunct - Religion and Culture
Kelsey Hammer Digital Literacy & Multimedia Production Librarian - Library
Lisa Lee Associate VP, Scholarly Integrity & Research Compliance - Scholarly Integrity & Res Compliance
Terri Pecora Director, Academic Applications - Academic Applications
Bonnie Zare Associate Professor - Sociology