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LGBTQ+ Working Group

Established January 2019, the LGBTQ+ Working Group was created to advance the recommendations made by Dr. Kristen Renn following her campus review earlier that year. Renn’s visit resulted in a comprehensive 23-page report that was sent to then Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Patty Perillo. The working group, now led by Dr. Bing, Director of the LGBTQ+ Resource Center, meets monthly and is composed of upper administration, faculty, staff, undergraduate, and graduate students.

Active Members of the LGBTQ+ Working Group

Frank Shushock Vice President of Student Affairs
Ellignton Graves Office for Inclusion and Diversity
Karen DePauw Graduate School
Laura Belmonte College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
Ashleigh "Bing" Bingham LGBTQ+ Resource Center
Adam Masters Graduate Student
Kathryn Polidoro Equity and Access
Jenni Gallagher Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Matthew Kwiatkowski Housing & Residence Life
Chelsea Lambusta Housing & Residence Life
Shaila Mehra College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
Jess Westcott Cook Counseling Center
Jes Davis VT Engage
Lindsey Gleason VT Engage
John Gray Recruitment
Kirsten Kelly Virginia Cooperative Extension

Below are the recently formed special task forces, their assigned tasks, and their membership.

LGBTQ+ Health Task Force

  • Recruit LGBTQ+ Identified providers for Schiffert & Cook Counseling 
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusive Plans for Recreational Sports & Wellness programs 
  • Collect baseline data on Experiences of LGBQ and Trans/GNB Students at Cook & Shiffert 
  • Benchmark best practices of in college and community health and counseling

Consisting of:

Swathi Prabhu Hokie Wellness
Gabby McCollum Recreational Sports
Nathaniel Soss HokiePRIDE
Jess Westcott Cook Counseling
Colleen Farmer Schiffert Health Center
Kirsten Kelly Virginia Cooperative Extension

Professional Development Task Force

  • Faculty & Staff development related to LGBTQ+ Inclusion, diversity, and equity
  • Include LGBTQ+ education in diversity-related faculty & staff trainings
  • Require LGBTQ+ education and training for all new faculty & staff

Consisting of:

Weston Truss Career and Professional Development
Michele Deramo Office for Inclusion and Diversity
Blane Harding Diversity Engagement
Sam Buchanan Department of Student Affairs
Henry Yampolsky Office for Equity and Accessibility
Jenni Gallagher Office of General Education
Luisa M Havens Gerardo Enrollment Management

Corps. of Cadets Task Force

  • LGBTQ+ Inclusion & Equity Training for Corps. 

Consisting of:

Chelsea Lambusta Housing and Residence Life
Shaila Mehra CLAHS
Alicia Cohen Diversity Education Programs
Ben Janosy H.E.R.O.
Lt Col Don Russell Corps of Cadets
Frank Shushock Department of Student Affairs
Anthony Scott Dean of Students
Laura Belmonte College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

Administrative Support Task Force

  • Develop a plan and philosophy for communication from top leadership
  • Develop clear standards for communicating about anti-LGBTQ+ incidents on campus and off as needed
  • Featuring openly LGBTQ+ students, faculty, staff, and alumni in campus and alumni publications and media
  • Conduct a campus audit and process map the experiences of LGBQ and Trans/Gender non-Binary (GNB) students, including students with intersecting minoritized identities, to identify policies, practices, and procedures that result in an unfriendly campus climate, microaggressions, invalidation, and hostility toward LGBTQ+ students.
  • [ADDED 11/11/20] Explore possibilities for accessing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) at Schiffert

Consisting of:

Byron Hughes Dean of Students
Kelly Oaks Equity & Accessibility
Latanya Walker Alumni Relations
Ellington Graves Office for Inclusion and Diversity

All Gender Restroom Task Force

  • Provide and communicate clear expectations to the Virginia Tech community about the use of restrooms and locker rooms labeled "men’s" or "women's" by people of a diverse gender presentation

Consisting of:

Dr. Bing LGBTQ+ Resource Center
Adam Masters Masters Student
Brian Kubecki Architectural Planning
Kelly Oaks Office for Equity and Accessibility
Lam Vuong Campus Architecture

Grad School/Professional Student Task Force

  • Include LGBTQ+ education and training for graduate teaching assistants in department diversity plans.

Consisting of:

Aubrey Knights Student Affairs - Medical School
Karen DePauw Graduate School
Shernita Lee Office of Recruitment, Diversity, and Inclusion
Laura Hungerford Veterinary Medicine