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5th Virginia Tech Latinx Symposium

5th Latinx Symposium: " Honoring Heritage, Exploring New Horizons"

Thursday, March 14th, 8:30 AM - 4 PM
Squires Commonwealth Ballroom

Thank you for your interest in joining us in this year's Latinx Symposium at Virginia Tech! Our goal is to increase visibility of the Latinx Community, provide a forum for conversation and scholarship, and to share in our experiences and strategies to best benefit our Latinx and Hispanic faculty, staff and students!

Join us and be a part of our continued efforts to improve the awareness of the work the Latinx community is doing. The theme for this year is "Honoring Heritage, Exploring New Horizons".

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Is Language Important to being Latinx or Hispanic?

As the date of the Latinx Symposium on Thursday, March 14th approaches, we invite you to contribute your perspective to enhance the impact of the event within our Latinx/Hispanic community. Take a moment to share your personal narrative on the role language has played in shaping your identity as a Latinx or Hispanic individual. Join us as we delve into discussions about Latinidad and the emerging trend of the "No sabo Kid." Your unique story will add depth and richness to the symposium.

Please share your stories using this Form:

This flyer has a large headline that reads the 5th Latinx Symposium which will be held March 14 there is a white map of North and South America with key areas highlighted by maroon stars with light grey and maroon areas around it
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