Would you like to set up a facilitated conversation for your student organization, living group, class, or department?

All requests must be made at least 3 weeks in advance of your requested program to allow adequate time to process your request, recruit facilitators, and build a thoughtful, effective program.

You can request a session here, or learn more below.


Who facilitates intergroup dialogue sessions for VTInterCom?

VTInterCom facilitators are trained members of the Virginia Tech and local community who co-instruct special topics VTInterCom courses, facilitate group discussions by invitation, and provide expertise in dialogue-based projects. When VTInterCom receives a request for facilitation, we recruit from our pool of facilitators to meet the specific programmatic needs of each requestor.

Who can request a facilitated session?

Anyone can request a session, and we primarily provide opportunities for student organizations, residence hall communities, on- and off-campus living groups, and other university-related programs that seek to enhance campus climate and skill-building for students. Additionally, departments and local community groups can request facilitated workshops.

Sessions range in duration from as brief as 60 minutes to day-long, eight hour programs. They can be stand-alone, one-time sessions, or integrated into existing programs such as new student orientation, staff trainings and retreats, and academic classes.

What do facilitated intergroup dialogue sessions cover?

Our sessions range in complexity and focus depending on the needs of the group. In general, we tailor sessions to meet some or all of the following needs:

  1. Communication and Relationship Building
  2. Raising Awareness
  3. Education and Training
  4. Consensus/Buy-In and Community Development

More specifically, intergroup dialogue sessions may include:

  1. Custom Program for Your Organization/Group -- If you already have an idea for a discussion topic in mind, we can help create the foundation of trust upon which to engage in uncomfortable/challenging conversations.
  2. Professional Development/Skill-Based -- For example, in September 2016 the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity (CEED) hosted Cross-Cultural Communications workshops for first-year engineering students living in Galileo and Hypatia Living-Learning Communities.
  3. Custom Program Between Organizations/Community Groups -- For example, this could occur between an academic student organization (e.g. Philosophy Club, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, etc.) and a representative student organization (e.g. HokiePRIDE, Black Organizations Council, etc.).
  4. Hosted Open Forum Dialogues -- On occasion, VTInterCom facilitators host open forum dialogues on timely topics.

How are sessions evaluated?

VTInterCom facilitators distribute and collect brief, anonymous, voluntary evaluations at the conclusion of each session. We gladly share evaluation data with hosts/requestors after removing optional demographic information participants may share, and/or any other information that might help to identify participants. We use the evaluation data to improve our program and strategies.

What happens when I request a session?

The process typically follows this route:

  1. Fill out our Process Request Form at least 3 weeks in advance of the date you would like to hold the session. We ask for demographic information, your hopes and goals for the program, and logistical details. Even if you don’t know every detail of your program or group’s composition, we encourage you to make your best guesses as it will help us design the most effective process for all participants. (Note: we may not be able to fulfill requests made less than 3 weeks in advance of your preferred date, though we will try to accommodate requests made with shorter notice.)
  2. Receive Confirmation. You’ll be contacted by our program coordinator to confirm receipt of your request. Based on your request, the coordinator may suggest additional ways to structure your program, as well as ask for clarification of specific needs in your request. This is also a great opportunity to directly ask questions you may have about the process!
  3. Stay Tuned For Updates. After we receive and confirm your request, we’ll begin our process of recruiting facilitators -- these folks will build the curriculum for your program. We’ll ensure to keep you updated with our progress, as well as let you know of any additional needs that arise in the planning process.


All requests must be made at least 3 weeks in advance of your requested program to allow adequate time to process your request, recruit facilitators, and build a thoughtful, effective program.