The Intercultural Engagement Center offers 2- to 4-day skill-based facilitator trainings throughout the year to provide group dialogue opportunities for the Virginia Tech campus and surrounding community.

VTInterCom facilitators will gain knowledge, strategies, and practice at facilitating discussions around inclusion, equity, oppression, institutional discrimination, social inequalities, and a broad range of contemporary issues such as sexism, racism, trans*phobia, heterosexism, ableism, poverty, cultural intolerance, and more. Participants will obtain access to facilitator curriculum, receive mentoring from trainers, and will be invited to remain part of the VTInterCom facilitator collective.

VTInterCom Training Objectives:

  • To provide facilitated dialogue in response to historical and contemporary campus/local concerns.
  • To train and support facilitators.
  • To develop relevant curriculum.
  • To offer academic course components in support of group dialogue projects.

Facilitator Training Objectives:

  • To learn about human relations facilitation as a strategy for fostering intergroup dialogue.
  • To practice facilitation, practice more, then practice more, and give one another constructive-critical feedback.
  • To apply new knowledge and skills in order to discern different uses of curriculum, formats, and intensity.

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Four-Day Facilitator Training -- Sample Agenda

Day 1 Agenda

  • Welcome & Human Relations Facilitation (HRF) Overview
  • Culture & Assumptions
  • Practice Facilitation
  • Lunch
  • Practice Facilitation
  • A Facilitator
  • Leader-Driven/Group Driven
  • Introduction to Process Design
  • Closing

Day 2 Agenda

  • Process Learning
  • The Null Curriculum
  • Process Design
  • Practice Facilitation
  • Three Paradigms of Diversity Change Leaders
  • Lunch
  • Practice Facilitation
  • Communication, Authority, Conflict
  • Practice Facilitation
  • Developing Questions

Day 3 Agenda

  • Conflict & Culture
  • Questions
  • Practice Facilitation
  • Lunch
  • Practice Facilitation
  • Interruptions & Disruptions
  • Hot Buttons, Environmental Pressure Point
  • Practice Facilitation
  • Facilitator Profiles

Day 4 Agenda

  • Practice Facilitation
  • Minefield Simulations
  • Developing an Agenda
  • Facilitator Profiles
  • Closing & Evaluations