VTInterCom provides facilitated intergroup dialogue opportunities for the Virginia Tech campus and surrounding community. These sessions range in complexity and focus depending on the needs of each group, organization, or department. Our team works carefully to tailor sessions to meet some or all of the following needs:

  1. Communication and Relationship Building: An initial goal of facilitated dialogue is to create an environment conducive to open and honest interaction about differences and similarities.
  2. Raising Awareness: A facilitated session can encourage participants to expand their awareness of the impact of different social circumstances on individuals and groups.
  3. Education and Training: Workshops can challenge participants' assumptions about individuals and groups. It also provides opportunities to develop new strategies for insight and care in daily interactions.
  4. Consensus/Buy-In and Community Development: Facilitated intergroup dialogues can aid group members in recognizing and actively valuing each others' contributions to the shared environment, as well as building capacity to understand and respect deeply valuable differences of life experience. This can also include development of group goals and action plans.

More About VTInterCom

The program, launched in Fall 2015, integrates various approaches to intergroup dialogue, human relations facilitation, and intercultural communication. These sessions can occur within and/or between groups, as needed. Our facilitators receive extensive skill-based training to help guide participants through discussions on a broad range of topics.

Sessions can include a general focus on different styles of communication within and across cultures, group/team dynamics, understanding group conflict, etc. Dialogue topics can also include a more specific focus on topics such as equity, oppression, institutional discrimination, social inequalities, and a broad range of contemporary issues such as sexism, racism, trans*phobia, heterosexism, ableism, poverty, cultural intolerance, and more.

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To learn more about how to request a session, please see our Request Facilitation page. Thank you!

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